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How much and quickly?

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E-mail: rv6lfe (at) gmail (dot) com

ICQ: 121221057

By mail: P.O.Box 3, Novocherkassk, Rostowskaya Oblast, 346404, RUSSIA

You work with a quality-oriented translator, not with a profit-oriented reseller


The price tag is defined by several key factors, the most important being the number of characters / words to be translated. Besides, I take into consideration file formats and software to be used, additional services in case we agreed upon them.

I can quote your order only being aware of each and every aspect of the job. But my minimal rates now is 0.04 USD per source word.

You are welcome to discuss variants suiting your demands and budget. As you work with a translator directly, you can always count on a great price to quality ratio. Discuss your rates.


Translation jobs vary greatly. No strict rules are applicable here as for the translator’s productivity. After initial coordination and research, my average translation rate is about 1500-2000 words per day.

Complex formatting in presentations and PDF files may increase total turnaround time. Texts with simple and convenient formatting are translated faster.

Time required for your project depends on my current workload. It is always advisable to book time for your translation beforehand. If you contact me in advance to let know of a coming job, I shall start the translation immediately after having received your files.

In case of rush jobs, try to contact your translator as soon as possible. I might be able to find time for an unscheduled work. Discuss your terms.