Technical TranslatorI translate user manuals into Russian


When translating documents from English into Russian, text in the target document is longer. This is due to the peculiarities of the Russian language, where the spelling of even most common words requires more letters. Therefore, it is almost impossible to obtain an identical arrangement of objects on target document page, when original document has a high text density. In this case, I slightly change the location of objects on the page to provide a convenient user perception of the text.

Below are some translation examples. Interested in other similar topics? Contact me to discuss the details!

User manual TS-990S

The source document consists of two high density text columns. The target document has been transformed into a single column of text with shift patterns for easier reading.

Operator's manual FLIR H-324

Preserving the identity of the objects on the page of the target document.

Instruction manual ICOM MA-500TR

The B5 format of the source document has been transformed into A4 format traditional for Russian-speaking users.

Operator's manual FURUNO FCV-1100L

Preservation of the structure of the target document.

Programming manual cloning software CS-F500

The software has an English interface. All English-language buttons and functions are stored in the target document to obtain the references.